Read what our students are saying about the workshops.

The Common Cents Financial Literacy Workshop was an amazing experience for me, I learned a lot of useful information that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. Mr. Gannon is a great teacher, with tons of knowledge in the financial field, and is able to break down topics that are hard to comprehend and explain them in a way where I can totally understand it. If you are looking to pursue a career in finance or just want to expand your knowledge I highly recommend taking these classes!
— Ryan, Class of 2016
Taking the Common Cents Financial Literacy Workshop was one of the best decisions I’ve made toward broadening my knowledge of the business world. Mr. Gannon goes the extra mile toward teaching finance and economics, topics that are very complex are simplified. I highly recommend taking this course to anyone who wants to be more prepared for the future.
— Neil, Class of 2017
Taking the Common Cents Program courses was a great choice! I had the opportunity to get to know more about the business world which I am fondly interested in. I am extremely grateful!”
— Greta, Class of 2016
Great program!! My son Peter attended last summer and really enjoyed it. He was happy to have the opportunity to be exposed to the financial/business world. He especially liked being on the trading floor.
— Corin Tagios, Parent
Common Cents is a great program, especially for someone who has interest in the financial world. Taking this class was a huge factor in me knowing what I want to study in the future and also giving me a deeper understanding of the financial world past the dollar sign. Attending this class was a great decision that will do nothing but help me in the near future. Thank you for providing an intriguing experience.
— John, Class of 2017
The Common Cents financial literacy workshop is an investment in yourself. Each class was a learning experience that gave me information and tips that will be useful in my financial future. The workshop covers a wide range of aspects that have made me financially literate. Mr. Gannon was a great teacher, and is the type of person you could talk to for hours. I am glad I took this class and I would highly recommend it to any high school student
— Antonio, Class of 2016
Mr. Gannon was quite knowledgeable. His experience and teaching style made the class easy to follow. The trip to the stock exchange was a wonderful experience and extremely interesting. Many thanks to Mr. Gannon. Looking forward to other programs in the future.
— Matthew, Class of 2017
As a parent who recognizes the importance of financial literacy I wanted to make sure my children were well prepared for the economic challenges life will present. I am extremely grateful to Mr. Gannon and the Common Cents Program for educating my daughter and exposing her to our financial systems. We look forward to our youngest son attending the program this coming school year!
— James Chavis, Parent